1: 1. Argan oil hydrates and reduces wrinkles. 2. Rosehip oil brightens and repairs skin. 3. Jojoba oil balances and moisturizes.

2: 4. Marula oil fights free radicals and nourishes. 5. Pomegranate seed oil regenerates and firms. 6. Grapeseed oil tightens and tones aging skin.

3: 7. Evening primrose oil calms and soothes redness. 8. Sea buckthorn oil boosts collagen production. 9. Coconut oil softens and improves elasticity.

4: 10. Almond oil improves skin tone and texture. 11. Frankincense oil reduces age spots and scars. 12. Carrot seed oil rejuvenates and protects skin.

5: 13. Avocado oil promotes cell regeneration. 14. Hemp seed oil balances oily and dry skin. 15. Neroli oil stimulates cell turnover and boosts radiance.

6: 16. Squalane oil mimics skin's natural oils. 17. Tamanu oil soothes inflammation and redness. 18. Black currant oil brightens and energizes dull skin.

7: 19. Kalahari melon seed oil deeply hydrates. 20. Camellia seed oil softens and smooths fine lines. 21. Moringa oil purifies and detoxifies congested skin.

8: 22. Babassu oil enhances skin's natural barrier. 23. Black cumin seed oil balances acne-prone skin. 24. Red raspberry seed oil protects against UV damage.

9: 25. Macadamia nut oil nourishes and repairs dry skin. 26. Cucumber seed oil calms sensitive skin. 27. Argan oil hydrates and reduces wrinkles.