1: The Ancient Lydian Stater coin features a mysterious lion and bull design.

2: The French Franc "Angel" coin symbolizes hope and survival during WWII.

3: The British "Love Token" coin was given as a romantic gesture in the 18th century.

4: The Roman Denarius "Eid Mar" coin commemorates Julius Caesar's assassination.

5: The American "Hobo Nickel" coin showcases intricate hand-carved designs by homeless artists.

6: The Canadian "Lucky Loonie" coin was buried under the hockey rink during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

7: The Japanese 5 yen coin features a hole in the center for good luck and prosperity.

8: The Spanish 2 euro coin has the image of the cave painting of Altamira to celebrate their heritage.

9: The Australian "Kangaroo" coin incorporates a hidden security feature for authenticity.