1: Pumpkin Cheesecake - Creamy and decadent dessert that combines the flavors of pumpkin and cheesecake.

2: Apple Crisp - A classic fall dessert with tender apples and crispy topping.

3: Pecan Pie - Rich and nutty pie perfect for Thanksgiving dessert.

4: Cranberry Orange Bread - Tangy and sweet bread with a burst of citrus flavor.

5: Sweet Potato Casserole - A must-have side dish that can also double as a dessert.

6: Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars - Indulgent dessert that combines chocolate and pecan pie in one bite.

7: Pumpkin Roll - Moist cake filled with creamy frosting, a showstopper dessert for Thanksgiving.

8: Caramel Apple Trifle - Layers of apple slices, caramel, and whipped cream for a delightful treat.

9: Maple Pecan Blondies - Chewy blondies packed with maple and pecan flavors, a crowd-pleasing dessert option.