1: 1. Rich caramel balayage adds warmth and dimension to short hair. 2. Honey blonde highlights on a pixie cut create a sun-kissed look.

2: 3. Ash brown balayage complements short hair with cool undertones. 4. Vibrant purple balayage brings a fun pop of color to a bob haircut.

3: 5. Subtle silver balayage adds a touch of sophistication to short hair. 6. Soft pink highlights on a cropped hairstyle add a playful edge.

4: 7. Chestnut brown balayage adds depth and richness to short hair. 8. Icy blue balayage creates a cool and edgy vibe for short locks.

5: 9. Dark chocolate balayage enhances short hair with a sultry look. 10. Lavender ombre on a short bob hairstyle adds a trendy twist.

6: 11. Warm copper balayage complements short hair with a fiery flair. 12. Rose gold highlights on a cropped cut add a chic and modern touch.

7: 13. Golden blonde balayage brightens up short hair with a sunny glow. 14. Teal ombre on a pixie hairstyle makes a bold and unique statement.

8: 15. Sandy blonde balayage adds beachy vibes to short hair. 16. Mermaid-inspired pastel colors bring a whimsical touch to a short bob.

9: 17. Red velvet balayage adds a rich and luxurious feel to short hair. 18. Rainbow pastel highlights create a colorful and vibrant look for short locks.