1: Blue Blood Season 14 marks the end of Tom Selleck's iconic role. CBS releases statement.

2: Fans bid farewell to beloved show Blue Blood after Season 14 finale. Tom Selleck reflects.

3: Emotional finale concludes Blue Blood Season 14. CBS addresses ending in official statement.

4: Tom Selleck wraps up final season of Blue Blood. CBS acknowledges show's legacy.

5: Devoted viewers say goodbye to Blue Blood as Season 14 ends. CBS shares parting message.

6: End of an era as Blue Blood Season 14 concludes. Tom Selleck and CBS comment on finale.

7: Fans react to emotional ending of Blue Blood Season 14. CBS statement released.

8: Tom Selleck's journey on Blue Blood comes to a close in Season 14. CBS addresses show's end.

9: Heartfelt farewell to Blue Blood as Season 14 ends. Tom Selleck and CBS express gratitude.