1: "Roasted Potatoes Unleashed: 6 Flavorful Variations for Busy People"

2: "Garlic Parmesan: A savory twist on classic roasted potatoes"

3: "Spicy Sriracha: Kick up the heat with this fiery flavor"

4: "Rosemary Dijon: A sophisticated blend of herbs and mustard"

5: "Honey Mustard: Sweet and tangy roasted potatoes to please your taste buds"

6: "Cajun Spice: A bold and flavorful option for adventurous eaters"

7: "Lemon Herb: A refreshing and zesty twist on traditional roasted potatoes"

8: "Chili Lime: Tangy and spicy roasted potatoes for a fiesta in your mouth"

9: "Roasted Potatoes Unleashed: Elevate your side dish game with these delicious variations"